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45 minute individual session, including minimal massage, of full body stretching that can aid in relaxation and improved range of motion. Now that the temps are dropping, your muscles will get tighter, so let's stretch them to avoid stress and strain.
Summer activities involve muscle usage of the following::
Volleyball (rotator cuff, trapezoids, lower back)
Golf (rotator cuff, trapezoids, lower back)
Cycling (quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes)
Tennis (rotator cuff, trapezoids, triceps, forearm muscles, hands)
Running (quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes)
Swimming (rotator cuff, trapezoids, lower back, etc.)
What to expect out of this session:
Your stretch session may consist of the following areas: torso, legs, gluteal muscle group, hips, arms and neck.
Maximum stretching will generally be within your endurance level.

Massage Therapist: Wil White
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